Sock It To Me Monday

Still working on the Elizabeth Montague socks from KDD’s Bluestocking club. It’s actually a pretty quick and fun knit, but I’ve been trying to focus on Bonbori so I can get done with the darn thing!

Anyway. EM socks are coming along – the heels are turned!

This pattern uses a heel that I had not done before – a fleegle heel. It is a nifty heel and pretty easy to work. We’ll see how it is when the sock is done and I’m wearing them for real!

My original plan with these socks was to knit them as long as my yarn held out, but now I’m not sure. I may just take them to midcalf and move on with my life. We shall see!

Have you tried any new socks (or other knitting or crafting) technique lately? What was it and how did it go?

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