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Mmm – mmm! Tasty Yarn

Yup – another online yarn tasting! Hill Country Weavers were again the hostesses with the mostest, and this time the yarn brand was Sandnes Garn. This is a Norwegian yarn brand that is now available in the US through a distributer, Mother Knitter.

The tasting kits came with samples of 6 yarns, tags for labeling swatches, photos of some of Sandnes Garn’s patterns for their yarns, and some nifty swag. HCW sent along Ann Budd Gauge Rulers and little knitter’s notebooks – both handy and cute!

So here are my swatches:
– Light blue in the upper left – Sunday – a light fingering weight yarn in 100% merino. This yarn is pretty soft, with a little bit of texture to it.
-Light gray in the upper middle – Tynn Line – a fingering weight yarn in a mix of cotton, viscose, and linen. This fabric is pretty drapy already, and I expect will become more so over time with washing because of the linen.
-Pink in the upper right – Mandarin Petit – 100% cotton fingering weight yarn. This is a nice soft cotton with pretty nice stitch definition.
-Dark blue in the lower left – Line – this is the worsted weight version of Tynn Line. It is 53% cotton, 33% viscose, and 14% linen. Just like Tynn Line, it is drapy already!
-Yellow in the lower middle – Sisu – Another fingering weight yarn that is 80% superwash wool and 20% nylon. This feels like a heavier fingering weight. It has a nice feel to it – soft, but a tiny bit textured.
– Medium blue in the lower right – Alpakka Silke – my favorite of all these yarns! Don’t get me wrong, they were all nice. But I love alpaca and I love silk, and together they are pretty fabulous. The fabric is very slinky and drapy, and it is really nice to knit with.

Both my Mom and I participated again, and again we had a good time and really enjoyed trying out these yarns. This is the second of these events we have done through Hill Country Weaver, and they have both been really well done. I really enjoyed the chance to try out these yarns, and have my eye on doing a project with one of them already 🙂 Now I want to do one of these things a week!

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