Sock It To Me Monday: 3rd Time Lucky?

Well, that didn’t work.

At least this time rather than waiting until I cast off to try my Fright Night socks on, I tried them on as I went. And yup, they are too tight again. This attempt was on needles up 1 size from what I used for the rest of the sock, and just generally trying to keep the yarn looser. The problem this time is mostly how tight I kept the yarn between the front and back halves.

So. One last try. This time I am switching to double points and will do the colorwork part one at a time, still using the larger size needles. But not today. For today these adorable but frustrating socks are going in to time out. Maybe tomorrow.

Have you ever had a project that just kept going wrong, but you just kept trying to get it to go right?

24 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday: 3rd Time Lucky?

  1. Oh yes, I’ve had a project that I thought was just possessed or plain evil! I remember one quilt top in which I sewed the border on wrong THREE times and had to rip it out (and that is a very large area of rip out and you have to do it very carefully not to undo all the seams of the pieced blocks). I thought it was going to break me. I know you can get it figured out and much luck to you!

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  2. Turn the sock inside out while you knit the cuff, so the stranding is on the outside of your work. That makes the floats have to travel around a slightly bigger circumference.

    I’m having the same kind of issue on the slip stitch sock I’m knitting. The foot is tighter than the cuff. I finally changed the stitch pattern; I couldn’t control the tension well.

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  3. Try turning your sock inside out while you knit the cuff. It puts the stranding on the outside, which is bigger, so the floats are looser. You’re still working the RS of the fabric, just across the far side of the circle.

    I’m having the same problem with the slip stitch sock I’m knitting. The foot is much tighter than the cuff. I ripped it twice, and now I’ve changed the stitch pattern. Now that I’ve written this, I’ll try turning it inside out, too. Good luck!

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