Wednesday WIPs

My two active projects right now, the Betwixt shawl and the Calico shawl, are moving along reasonably well!

Calico is a little blurry here, but you get the idea. It’s at the phase where every row seems to take forever, but it won’t actually be that long until I’m binding off. In the meantime, I love the yarn color and the texture!

Betwixt #! is also going really well. I’m enjoying the slip stitch/mosaic part of the pattern, but really cant wait to get to the skull lace πŸ™‚ (Ravelry link for the pattern)

What are you working on right now, and how is it going?

6 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. Both are awesome! But I love that first one. I am trying to get back to the baby dress now that my finger is not bandaged up! Hard to knit with your right hand wrapped up to prevent yarn snagging on your stitches.

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