Sock It To Me Monday: Black Hole Socks

I started a pair of socks for my DH, and what did he request? Plain black socks. What about cables or ribbing? Plain. What about gray or blue, maybe navy? Black. Plain black socks. So that is what I’m doing.

I’m doing my usual plain vanilla toe-up socks, but to his measurements and in plain black yarn. Why Black Hole socks?

Here’s the yarn

See how no light escapes from the skein? Do you feel yourself being drawn into its gravitational pull, from which there is no escape? That’s why.

So I’ll be over here, hoping I can knit fast enough to get them done before I cross the event horizon and disappear forever into their inky blackness πŸ™‚

Ok, I’m dramatizing a little bit. But it is definitely hard to see the stitches, because man, that is some dark yarn.

How are your projects going?

24 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday: Black Hole Socks

  1. Oh goodness you love him more than I love anyone enough to knit in black. When I my poncho which had one black section I swore I’d never knit it again, it had 2 strands held together and was so tricky. Charcoal grey is as dark as I’ll go now. I’ve a plan to cast on some short socks once I’ve finished the dog hair projects. I made a heart last night and it looks pretty cute.

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  2. I refuse to make black socks. I have dark navy blue cast on at the moment but they are a gradient and will be transitioning to a lighter shade shortly. I admire anyone who willingly knits black yarn on tiny needles.

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  3. I knit some cabled gloves in black yarn and I ended up buying one of those lights that hang around your neck because I really needed extra light to see the stitches. I have knit with black in socks since but only for stripes or toes/heels. Hubby better appreciate those socks after this!

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  4. i knit mostly by feel; I hope you do, too! I wouldn’t want to have to see each of those stitches.

    I once knit a black tank top on black ebony Lantern Moon circulars. It was fine, because I wasn’t watching!

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