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Shark Week!

For those of you who are Shark Week inclined, it is coming up! It starts this coming Sunday 8/9 and goes through the week. Jimmy Beans generally puts out some kind of shark week sock kit, which I always get and sometimes even make 🙂 This year they are doing something a little different. Shark Mittens! The pattern is by SpillyJane, and the kit uses MadelineTosh yarn. You have the option of doing either regular mittens or fingerless mitts, and the kit comes with a shark progress keeper and some stitch markers as well.

So a little different than the usual, but sometimes different is good 🙂 Will I break with tradition an actually make them next week? Maybe – it depends on how my other projects are moving along!

Do you watch Shark Week at all? Do you have any other nature shows or overblown extravaganzas you enjoy?

11 thoughts on “Shark Week!

  1. I’m looking forward to Shark Week:) We don’t usually watch non-hunting animal programs unless it’s Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster but we are big fans of Josh Gates. He is doing his pandemic talk show Josh Gates Tonight every night that week. Currently it’s on weekly as part of Expedition Unknown. I can’t wait! We watch all his programs. He’s a local guy who attended Tufts University so it’s like watching one of our own do well:)

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  2. I love that stitch marker! I used to love Shark Week, but it’s fallen off my radar the last couple of years, and now we’ve given up live TV. We had YouTube TV but they jacked the price up a lot, so we’re pondering our options for now. I only miss the live TV once in a while!

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    1. It is a cool stitch marker 🙂 We haven’t had live TV or regular cable in years. In the past I was able to buy the season on Amazon and watch it that way. I need to check my options and see where I can watch it this year!

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