What’s Next?

With Niazuma done, I only have a pair of socks going, so needed to start something else. I was stuck between a couple of options, and somewhat typically picked two things that weren’t even on the list!

I am starting another sweater, the Shelley Summer Top, which I am making out of some yarn that I won in a giveaway from Nancyknit’s Blog – Bamboo Pop in the Brilliant Blues colorway. Here’s my swatch!

I’m pretty excited about this one – I think it will be gorgeous!

The other project is the Half the Knit Sky shawl, which I got a bit of a start on last night.

I am using some of my beloved GnarledPaw yarn from stash, and also Dye for Me Happy Feet Shimmer yarn from Plymouth yarns.

I probably won’t get a lot done on either of these projects this week, because Thursday through Sunday I am attending another round of Virtual VK Live πŸ™‚ Speaking of which, I have some homework to get done before then!

16 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. Ooh 2 lovely new projects on the go, Have you done a test wash of the white and blue yarns together, you may need a colour catcher sheet when blocking as that blue is so deep and rich it may bleed. And the white really pops and looks lovely so far.

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  2. I’m down to only two WIPs, so of course I wound yarn today to start two more. I love your projects and especially the yarns. Blue is just perfect for the summer! Can’t wait to see your knitting with the projects a little further along.

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