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Flower Update

Our flowers are continuing to do pretty well, though some of them are still not quite in bloom. The upstairs planters are filling out

The hanging baskets are as well – the morning glories continue to put out a bloom here and there, though there are a lot of buds developing right now.

The walkway plants are coming along – the marigolds are going crazy! The front row is forget-me-nots, which we always like to have somewhere in the arrangement – they are the state flower. The plants are doing well, but no blooms yet!

For indoor plant excitement, I’m finally having luck with cilantro, and the basil is coming along OK as well! We need to start using them sparingly to get them to develop a bit more. The third planter is an avocado pit that I started growing in a different way that I will get more into in another post. Right now it looks like Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors, but there is a plant growing up from the center of the pit!

And finally, I have had one of those creepy purple fuzzy plants going for a couple of years now, and this year it is growing flowers! They are likewise creepy – orange fluffy things that are all growing from one area of the plant. They are tough to get good pictures of!

So that’s what growing at my house. Are you doing any gardening? And if so, how is it going?

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