Tomorrow I am off on my first work trip for this go-round. This time it’s to Juneau, AK. I get there tomorrow morning, and will hopefully be home Thursday night, knock wood.

Other than the work part of the time there, my entire planning for this trip has been yarn-based. What am I wearing? Who cares! What am I bringing to knit is the real questions. And the answer is – what aren’t I bringing?

But seriously, I’m taking my Dockside cardigan, which is so close to done, and also the next pair of socks, about which more tomorrow.

I have to finish the cardigan sleeves – 3 more inches of sleeve, then shaping and binding off the sleeve caps. Then sewing together the pieces, a pretty big collar, and button bands. That’s a lot, but I think it is doable. I’m not going to have a lot to do evening except hang out and knit. The socks are for the flights and airport time, as they are much more portable than even the sleeves are right now.

I am not jazzed about this trip. But at least I have some interesting knitting to keep me busy in my off hours. The other thing I’m looking forward to this week is the next Rivers of London novel comes out Tuesday. I have it pre-ordered, so it should just magically appear in my Nook at some point.

What do you have going on this week?

12 thoughts on “Packing

  1. Enjoy your trip, we’ve been watching a TV show where some British people are competing to take over a log cabin style house in the Alaskan wilderness. The couple are too old to live there now and it’s down to the last two couples. The scenery in every shot of this programme is soooo beautiful.


    1. Right!?! I reread the last couple to make sure I’m remembering everything. That series really repays staying on top of events – he’s great about seeding little clues or comments in one novel that pay off later on down the series! Let me know when you’ve read it – we can discuss!


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