Bam! Booties

Last night DH and I got our taxes done. (We have the wildest Friday nights!) We have a tax preparer we have gone to for the last couple years – she does a great job and is very pleasant as well. Well, this year she is pregnant! Very much so – she is due in a couple of weeks. Normally when we go in I bring knitting, as it takes a while and is boring. As we were getting into the tax stuff, she asked me if I knew how to knit baby booties. I made some noncommittal noises, as I don’t often knit for others. She sighed a little bit and said she had asked some other people she knows who knit, and they all told her they didn’t know how to knit baby things.

Now, if you knit, you know this is probably malarky. If you can knit, you can knit baby booties. Most of the patterns out there are pretty easy, and there are free patterns all over the place as well. So I decided to make something for her, but nothing too elaborate.

This morning, I poked around the net and within 5 or so minutes found the Easiest Baby Booties Ever pattern. A quick stop at Joann’s later for suitable yarn, and I was in business. Four hours of blog reading and knitting later, and here they are:

They are a super easy knit – you basically make a letter T

Sew them together

Flip them right side out, and done!

DH will drop them off on his way home from work this week, as I will be in Juneau for work. The yarn is Caron’s Simply Soft in color Robin’s Egg (9780)

What’s your favorite quick baby project?

19 thoughts on “Bam! Booties

  1. Maybe the people she knows that say they can knit are lying? Maybe they only want to be able to knit to be cool, so they tell other people they knit? That’s the only explanation I can think of. I love knitting baby sweaters, which is rediculous because I rarely put my babies in sweaters. They are just so cute. Oh goodness, you can’t beat a pumpkin hat though, especially if you are a Halloween fan. I always make those.

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    1. Pumpkin hats are super cute! That’s a good one – will have to keep that one in mind for any upcoming babies πŸ™‚
      I think those people are lying. I mean, I get it. I am mostly a selfish knitter. But baby stuff is so quick and easy!

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  2. Those are stinking cute!! My family has a baby bootie “recipe” that has been used for several generations now, but they could never be completed in the time you got those done. I’m sure she will be delighted to get them from you.

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