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Style: Conservative or Crazy?

I have been thinking about personal style a lot lately. Making a bunch of your own garments will sometimes do that. You’re spending a LOT of time on this – it’s a good idea to be sure of your choices before you make that investment.

Anyway, my main style dilemma is this – I’m most attracted to dramatic, crazy clothing. If I had my choice my closet would be full of goth and steampunk outfits. But due to my job, I mostly wind up buying and making pretty conservative, sedate garments.

I recently bought the Love Witch sweater pattern by Disco Stitch. This pattern has an option for two sleeve types – crazy and conservative:

My immediate intention was to make the crazy sleeves version. Look at those things! They are ridiculous, and I love them. However, DH and everyone else I know that saw it assumed I was going to make the very slightly belled – conservative – sleeves. And I probably will.

This sweater isn’t going to get made this year, so I have time to think about it. Which one would you do? Conservative or crazy?

22 thoughts on “Style: Conservative or Crazy?

  1. I completely understand how you feel. My personal style (if I have one at all) is preppy. I like classic never goes out of style clothes. I have a few pieces that I’ve owned for years that firmly fit in this category (button down collar shirts for example) but mostly I wear black jeans and turtleneck shirts (in black or dark gray) with a cardigan or pullover.
    As for the sweater I think you should knit the one that would make you happy and that you would wear. It does no good to knit something and not wear it.

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  2. Make the crazy sleeves. You will be so happy you did. If you make it in black can you wear it at work? Actually, that doesn’t even matter, you can make it whatever color you want with crazy sleeves and wear it with joy when you aren’t working.

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  3. I think I would have to try to make both! Starting with the extra sleeves! I used to dress very conservative. Until I discovered the sari wrap skirts from DGY. Now my closet is full of bright colors!

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