Back to It

Thursday and Friday of this week we were back to work after taking off from Christmas through New Year’s Day. It was a really nice long break, but going back to work was a serious jolt. Now that I’m back, the reality of doing both my old job and my current job is really hitting me. It’s a hectic time, though hopefully things will calm down in the near future.

Knitting time is still happening in the evenings though, so at least that’s something!

I’m just alternating projects – tomorrow will be Dockside Day, then back to these socks. They are moving along pretty well so far. I’m going to do gussets and a heel turn for these, which will be a first for just plain free-form socks. So we’ll see how that goes 🙂

In other news, I finally got the chance to try out last year’s season of Doctor Who. I have never been a Whovian, despite being Queen of the Dweeb lands and Ruler of its Peoples for much of my life. It just never clicked with me for some reason. My DH is definitely a Who fan, so I have seen a lot of Doctor Who, though not on purpose. However, with the new Doctor being a woman, I wanted to see how the show has evolved. By and large, I enjoyed it! The first season was pretty good, and I’m excited to start on season 2!

17 thoughts on “Back to It

  1. “Queen of the Dweeb lands and Ruler of its Peoples” LOL I’m glad you are enjoying the new Who. I’ve tried to like the show but haven’t been able to stick with it. Maybe the new Dr will tip me over into fandom?

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    1. 🙂 Seriously, I was such a huge geek for most of my life. I still am, but I think it’s more common now that it was in the past 🙂
      She’s pretty great! Really I just wanted to watch because it’s a woman. But I really do like her performance and the direction they are taking the show.

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  2. As a kid I loved Tom Baker as Dr Who, but none of the others have got me back into it. We tried an episode with Jodie in it, as we love her in so many other things, but we just aren’t fans of it. The rest of my family are all total fans.

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    1. Tom Baker is my husband’s doctor too. None of the others are as good, as far as he’s concerned. I think he’s not enjoying the new Who as much as I am, but thinks now he will be able to get me to watch old episodes “so I understand the backstory” 😉

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  3. Is there any hope that someone will take over your old job soon? It’s miserable to be overworked and I’m sure they’re not paying you the salary for both jobs.
    Your socks look great! That’s a really fun yarn.
    I have 17 episodes of Dr Who stacked up on my DVR. I guess it’s time to catch up:)

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    1. It’s hard to tell what’s going to happen. I do know if it looks like it’s just going to keep on, I will start my own job search. Because you are right – they definitely aren’t.
      It really is a fun yarn! I’m enjoying making them, even though they are just plain socks with no fanciness. Yes, definitely check out the new Who!

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  4. All hail her majesty, Queen of the Dweeb lands and Ruler of its Peoples! I got into Dr. Who when David Tennant was the doctor, and I’ve been watching ever sense. I love that the new doctor is a woman. I also love your Wonder Women socks. I hope they hire someone new for you old job soon, because it is a hard situation to be in.

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