More Knitting and Dweebery

Today’s knitting was on the Dockside cardigan, which is going along pretty well!

This is the back of the sweater, and it is moving along OK. It’s nice to be knitting something out of big yarn and big needles! No problems so far (knock on wood).

Today’s dweebery was going to see the new Star Wars movie with a friend from work. She had already seen it, but wanted to watch it again. My DH is still mad at all of the Star Wars movies after 4 – 6 (the original 3), and could not be persuaded to go see this one. Anyway. I thought it was fine. Was it life changing amazingness? No. But it was fine. It wrapped up all the loose threads I can remember and managed a few surprise twists and a few heartwarming moments. There were exciting bits and funny bits. It gave our original characters satisfying story endings. Possibly the Empire has actually been defeated this time – though we have thought that before, so who knows. So good enough.

What dweebery will tomorrow bring? I can’t say for sure, but my DH has decided that now that I’m into Dr. Who, I need to watch some classic who “to get the backstory”. I do not agree that this is necessary, but may not be able to avoid it. So we shall see πŸ™‚

Any interesting new dweebery in your life? Any exciting new 2020 projects underway? Do tell!

14 thoughts on “More Knitting and Dweebery

  1. Your sweater looks great! Bigger needles and yarn always are a treat after knitting with the tiny stuff.
    Nerd confession: I’m not a Star Wars or Star Trek person. They aren’t my thing. I really prefer Firefly.
    As for classic Dr Who, there are some great episodes so they are worth a look. But I highly recommend the entire David Tenant years. So good. My favorite Dr Who no question:)

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    1. I like Firefly too! I will undoubtedly be seeing some classic Who πŸ™‚ Maybe we will get into some of the more recent doctors eventually too! I like David Tenant as an actor, so will likely check him out πŸ™‚

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  2. It’s funny when I was young I knew there’d be 9 movies so I thought I’d just wait until all 9 were made to watch them, but now they are all made I just don’t think Sci-Fi is my cup of tea. I did go with my friend to see one of the extra movies, Rogue something…not a scooby doo clue what the heck was happening. I did see Little Women at the cinema yesterday and what a beautiful version Greta Gerwig has created.

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  3. Im working on my Magic Cake Cowl using up mini skeins. I’ll be watching Miami of ohio play in an obscure football game tonight. I went there for 2 years. I have not latched on to any series. I am listening to more podcasts though

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  4. My dweebery has been focused on watching Nature on PBS and playing Knitting the Card Game with John. It is a really fun game, even though John is a jerk and keeps beating me even though I’M THE KNITTER.

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  5. We went to see the new Star Wars movie and really enjoyed it. I don’t go to see Star Wars for great film making. I go for fun, effects, and a simplistic view of good and evil which comforts me. πŸ€“

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