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Tea for Two: Random Tea for the New Year

Well, our temperatures are in the negatives, and that means its time to hit the hot beverages hard. Toward that end, I got some new teas from Harney and Sons recently to give them a try.

A new seasonal tea they recently put out is their 2020 Lunar New Year tea.

It is a black tea with toasted rice, coconut pieces, sesame seeds and caramel and coconut flavor. It is a nice brisk tea with a mild sweetness and a nice coconut and sesame flavor. The flavors are subtle and not exaggerated. This is a very nice tea that I would definitely drink again!

Another of their new black teas is New England Breakfast, which is a brisk black tea with maple flavoring and safflowers. It has a pronounced maple flavor which goes really well with black tea.

And my final new tea is Bamboo. This is an herbal tea, consisting of bamboo leaves. I halfway thought they were being poetic with the name. No. It really is bamboo leaves – straight up!

I just got a sampler pack of this one, because I wasn’t sure how it was going to be. It is different, but I would drink it again. It has a mild grassy flavor and is a tiny bit savory. Interesting and tasty!

16 thoughts on “Tea for Two: Random Tea for the New Year

  1. The lunar new year tea sounds very tasty:) I’m afraid to say I’d give the others a pass. I’m extremely particular about maple things. They’re either great or horrid in my experience. The bamboo scares me a little:)

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    1. I agree with you about the maple thing – flavor added stuff has the potential to go bad. Plus, you could actually just use maple syrup or sugar in regular tea and kind of get the same result. The bamboo scared me a little too 🙂 But it turned out all right!

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  2. Your Harney and Sons tea drinking inspired me and I now order big bags of peppermint and pumpkin teas from them. Thank you for the inspiration. I wish I wasn’t so caffeine sensative so I could drink more of them.

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