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Knitter’s Bookshelf: Typographic Knitting

Fair warning: I got a few knitting books for Christmas, and I’m just now finishing reading through them. So there are a few more book reviews coming over the next couple weeks!

The first one I finished was Typographic Knitting: From Pixel to Pattern by Rudinger Schlomer.

The interesting thing about this book is that it is written by basically a non-knitter. He is a type/font guy. He learned to knit as an extension of his graphic design capabilities, and the book definitely reflects that. He has some knitting instruction in there, but it is super basic, and mostly leads to recommendations that people check out YouTube or find a knitting circle to join. But for people who come to this book already knowing how to knit, that is no barrier.

Mostly what the book focuses on is how to use various techniques to achieve different looks and fonts.

Examples of the letter A knit in different fonts and methods

He does use an array of techniques to create different graphic styles and different looks, including shadow knitting, mitered squares, and slip stitches, to name just a few. There are some charted font alphabets, and some projects as well, including the Initial Mittens, which he calls Selbu Mittens, shown on the front cover. If you have any interest at all in using lettering or characters in your knitted items, this would be a valuable book!

Reading anything good lately? Knit-related or not!

9 thoughts on “Knitter’s Bookshelf: Typographic Knitting

  1. The book I am reading right now is George Washington Black. It’s good so far, but I haven’t read the ending yet.

    Those letters in the different fonts would be cool to knit. I could imagine doing an alphabet scarf!

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  2. Oh that looks fun. I think adding an initial to my knitting could be a cool feature (or maybe I have watched too much Laverne and Sherly on Nick and Night). I’m loving Alterkint, but haven’t found a good real book worth reading lately.

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    1. I’m having trouble with finding real books to read lately too. I got a couple non-fiction books out of the library recently that seem interesting, but I just can’t get into them. So I wind up rereading old favorites. But that is wearing thin too!


  3. That does look good! I’d like to knit AD⚡️HD mittens. Hmm… maybe that’s my first pattern design. Still daydreaming about being a designer over here.

    I’m reading Dear Fatty by Dawn French and Bonkers by Jennifer Saunders. Well, trying to read them but mostly wishing they were audio books read by the author.

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    1. LOL – I’d buy that pattern 🙂
      Those sound great – are they as funny as they sound like they’d be? I loved Absolutely Fabulous, and just recently discovered The Vicar of Dibley – they are both just hilarious!

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