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A Little Nippy Out

We have had a good solid week of below 0 (F) temperatures here, sometimes significantly below 0. Anchorage isn’t as cold as the interior, so we aren’t getting -50 like Fairbanks is, but we have been hovering between -5 and -20. Which is pretty cold. When it gets cold like this, any moisture in the air freezes fast to solid objects outside, like trees and chain link fences, as you can see in the background 🙂 This is the tree in my yard. And our little shrub is below. As a side note, this shrub has been around this size since we bought this house over 10 years ago, because the moose keep eating it!

How’s your weather? Do tell!

31 thoughts on “A Little Nippy Out

  1. Oh I love snow and now seeing your post after I’ve just seen Sarah’s post of snow in Iowa…I’m so jealous, We have snow on the mountains so if I leave the house and walk 5 minutes I could see some snow, but it’s not the same. We have had lots of rain and yesterday and last night very very windy….like you think the roof is going to blow off.

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  2. I love when the trees are all covered with ice/snow. It’s very pretty as long as one gets to stay inside. Do stay warm and safe:)
    Keeping in mind that I live in Massachusetts where we get weird weather, it’s going to be 62 today and 65 tomorrow with rain. That’s not our normal January.

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    1. Very true! We spend as little time outside in this as we can. We are fine being outside when it’s between 32 and 0, but once it gets below that, we are indoors! Usually sipping a hot drink and looking out the window, saying “It sure looks cold out there!”
      Wow – that is warm for this time of year for you guys! Enjoy the warmth 🙂

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  3. The photo of the iced tree and shrub really look pretty. The temps don’t sound as pretty though. Having been in minus temps before, I have no desire to live in that cold of a climate again . Question for you, is the air still when it is this cold there or do you have wind chill index too?

    I was a bit amazed when I saw frost on our neighbors roof this morning. We are just at 32F but will warm up to 60F today. That is our normal winter day in Phoenix.

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  4. It’s been rainy and blustery here, very soggy! Snow expected in the mountains, and maybe even a bit here on the valley floor. I’m hoping that it’s not enough to mess up my travel on Thursday; I need to get to VKLive NYC!

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