First Projects of 2020

My first projects of the new year are underway!

The Dockside cardigan is my first sweater project. The pattern is from Amy Herzog’s Custom Fit, so is to my measurements and yarn gauge. So I have no excuses if I mess it up! The yarn is Cascade 220.

My first pair of socks for this year is some plain vanilla socks done in the Wonder Woman colorway from Turtlepurl Yarn. So far it’s pretty nice yarn and the color changes are staying pretty even between the two skeins. Love it!

How is your new year going so far?

8 thoughts on “First Projects of 2020

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing about your Custom Fit experience. It’s been something I’ve considered. I love the yarn you’re using for your sweater. It’s a great color too.
    Great sock yarn. It’s always nice to have two projects to switch between:)

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    1. I will let you know! As far as creating an account and generating sweaters to my specifications, it was a pretty smooth process. But the proof will be in knitting them! I like Cascade 2020 -it’s a reliably nice yarn.
      I do love that sock yarn too 🙂

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