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No Cold Necks On My Watch

Today I decided to gather up all the cold weather accessories to take stock of what we have and see if I need to make anything in the near future. Here is the result (other than a pair of fingerless mitts I keep in my desk at work).

Total count:

  • 5 gloves or mittens
  • 6 hats
  • 4 scarves
  • 16 cowls

Probably time to lay off the cowls for a while.

Are there any items you make more than anything else? Anything you don’t make that often?

13 thoughts on “No Cold Necks On My Watch

  1. I went through a cowl phase and had too many at one point. The same thing happened with hats. I still like making them though, so every few years I gather up the ones I don’t use and give them to the YMCA Supportive Housing Complex. It looks like I’m being nice, but really I get to make new things.

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