Yep – Another Cowl

This is a Rock-Climbing cowl that I am knitting with one of my souvenir skeins from Sin City Knit Shop in Las Vegas. It has been in my desk drawer at work for the last couple weeks as my lunch/boring phone meeting project. I’m kind of jazzed to be using a souvenir skein so soon after buying it! That generally doesn’t happen

The pattern is a free one that the shop gives out with purchase. It is easy and kind of neat. Also, it’s straightforward enough that I can work on it without thinking about it too much, which is perfect for a work project.

As has been established, I don’t need any more cowls. But I was not aware of the scope of the problem when I started this. Oh well, it is pretty and the yarn is very soft. And someone may fall in love with it, in which case I have a quick and easy gift!

How are your projects going? Doing any gift knitting, and if so how it that going?

15 thoughts on “Yep – Another Cowl

  1. Your new cowl looks great! I love the yarn:)
    You’ve got to look at your cowl situation a little differently. You wear a different shirt every day so you need a cowl that coordinations. Also as an ambassador of the knitting community (it’s what we all are when we go out into the world wearing our hand knits) you must be wearing something that shows the diversity of projects and yarn possibilities.

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  2. I am behind 2 hats and no clue what hats to make so I am stuck. I need inspiration and focus! I would also like to get a boy cardigan made before year’s end, 1st Bday is the 29th, but that isn’t likely to happen either. Oh well, no one will perish from lack of hat or sweater.

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    1. Boy, there are so many nice hat patterns out there. It’s hard to pick one! Do you have a boy cardigan in mind? If it is for a little one that might be possible – kid knits go really quickly.


    1. You make such beautiful things for your kids! My Mom used to make us clothes too, when we were little. Although I didn’t appreciate it as a teen, looking back now it was a really neat thing for her to do. Your kids are going to remember all the wonderful clothes you made them πŸ™‚


  3. I think if I ever begin knitting again, I will start with a cowl. My last project was a sweater that is still unfinished after a few years. I love the phrase “boring phone meeting project”! πŸ™‚

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    1. Cowls are definitely a good place to start! Many, many of the meetings I need to listen in to are not that fascinating, to put it kindly. Having something to knit lets me feel like I’m not completely wasting my time πŸ™‚

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  4. I love a cowl (or many!). Not only are they better for me to knit rather than scarves (usually not so long, so less knitting/crocheting per cowl means more time to knit/crochet more items) and when I wear them there’s no long dangly ends hanging out of my coat!

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