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Sin City Knit Shop

Well, now that we are back again, I can tell you about last week’s trip – to fabulous Las Vegas Nevada!

DH’s company sent him and three coworkers to AutoCAD University for the week, and I got to tag along. We just had to cover my flight and meals, making it an irresistible bargain. We landed in Vegas Sunday afternoon and left to come home Friday morning. DH was in classes all four days, leaving me to amuse myself. Naturally, one of the things I did was visit a yarn shop πŸ™‚

From my Google search, there seemed to be two LYSs that focused on knitting/crochet – Sin City Knit Shop and Mad Knitter’s Yarn. I was only going to have time to get to one of them, so I decided on Sin City because they advertised that they have locally dyed yarn and had a funnier name. Their website link is above, and their Facebook page, which is more active, is here.

DH’s boss is also a knitter, so she and I decided to make the visit together. Sin City Knits is around 10 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, which is just a 15 minute cab or Uber ride away. I did not get any pictures of the outside, as we got there around 6 pm, and it was dark out. Inside is a very cozy and welcoming shop.

They had a lot of regular stock and tools as well as the locally dyed yarn, which turned out to have been dyed by the shop owner!

They have a smallish stock of books and magazines, a good supply of buttons and other notions, needles and hooks, and of course plenty of yarn!

While we were there, a knitting group was sitting around a big table, knitting and chatting. There was a real range of ages, a few men and mostly women. Everyone was very friendly and pleasant. The shop had a nice atmosphere overall.

It’s hard to see in this photo, but all the yarns on this shelf are blingy – it’s like the Las Vegas of yarns over here – all sparkle yarns and sequin yarns and so on. There were bits of sparkle yarn here and there through the shop, but this shelf was like where showgirls would shop for their yarn πŸ™‚

I went a little crazy with the souvenir yarn, but there was a lot that was too pretty to pass up, so here’s what I ended up with:

So did I just shop for yarn while I was in Vegas? No. I did other things, which I will tell you about tomorrow πŸ™‚

Hope you are having a great weekend with lots of yarn or other things you love in it!

15 thoughts on “Sin City Knit Shop

  1. Too funny. I was in Vegas last week from Sunday until Thursday. Sin City Knits is my go to shop when there. They are the nicest people and always very helpful. They carry so many different yarns than I am able to get at my LYS in Arizona.

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