Rock Climbing in Vegas

Surprise random project finish! Today I finished my desk project that I keep at work for lunch breaks and other opportunities to sneak a quick bit of knitting.

The pattern is Rock Climbing in Vegas, and I got it free with the yarn purchase from Sin City Yarn Shop. It is a very easy pattern – cast on whatever amount of stitches you want in multiples of 8 – minus one. Then knit 4, purl 4 until you run out of yarn or get sick of it. I have been working away at this a little bit at a time, until today I noticed my project bag was pretty light when I took the cowl out of it. I looked in, and yup – time to bind off! The yarn is their house dyed “Double Down” – worsted weight superwash merino. It is very springy and silky feeling. The cowl is warm and cozy, and it feels very soft against my skin.

Now to decide what my next project will be! Probably not a cowl. What’s your favorite type of project for work or other short knitting opportunities?

10 thoughts on “Rock Climbing in Vegas

  1. Beautiful cowl! The pattern really shows off the yarn:)
    Normally I like to have a sock on the needles for out of the house knitting. Lately I haven’t had anything extra. I’ve just been dragging my current sock (even though it’s colorwork) to appointments.

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