I am four (4) rows away from being done with my Perfect Blend shawl! Probably within the next day or two it will be finished and blocking. So what’s next? This question is complicated because I am traveling for a few days. So it has to be something I can knit on a plane, and then keep me occupied for a few days away from home. I will probably also bring my Delftig Mittens as well, but it’s better to overpack knitting projects than to run out. Ask me how I know 😉

The first contender is the Braid-O-Rama cowl, shown here with the yarn for it.

The pros for this one are: it’s a small project, it features a bunch of different types of knitted braids, and it’s been in my queue for a long time. Also it’s really pretty. The cons are: that’s a lot of skeins of yarn to pack, and it will probably not be great for plane knitting, again because of all the different skeins of yarn needed.

The other option is the Pleione cowl, which will be made with the yarn in the second picture.

The pros for this one are: it’s a small project; its mostly modular, though it’s going to get kind of crazy in the putting together phase; it is a different and nifty new way to knit cables. The cons are: it’s going to get kind of crazy in the putting together phase, it’s slightly less pretty than the other cowl, although I really do like the look of it. Also I would need to fit some yarn winding in with quite a bit of other travel preparation.

An entirely other option, but one I don’t really favor, is I could bring along my Forest Weave top, which is roughly half done. This is one of those knits that I am looking forward to wearing, but knitting it is a chore. It’s kind of boring. I can make progress with it by alternating knitting it with something more interesting. That won’t be very practical on this trip.

So essentially, I will need enough knitting to keep me from going insane for roughly two day’s worth of plan travel, and also a fair amount of down time at the destination. Thoughts? Opinions?

Also, what sort of projects do you favor for travel knitting?

11 thoughts on “Next?

    1. That is very likely what is going to wind up happening 🙂 I definitely overpack. But I’ve been caught without a project, and it was not fun. As God is my witness, I’ll never be without yarn again!


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