So Much for Focus

It’s been a bit of a week so far, so I gave myself permission to start a new project rather than the socks or Perfect Blend. One of these projects will be going in to work with me for a lunchtime project, but not quite yet.

Anyway. I started a project using a new-to-me technique – marlisle. Marlisle was invented by Anna Maltz and detailed in her book, also called Marlisle.

I cast on her Delftig mittens, which will eventually look more or less like this…

To knit in marlisle, you have two colors of yarn. Sometimes you knit with just one or the other, and sometimes you hold the two together – thus the marl part of the name. So far the yarn handling has taken some getting used to , but otherwise it is not a hard technique. Here’s how it looks so far…

Back of the hand design

I am using Knit Picks Pallette yarn in Celestial and Mist. Mainly because I have just a ton of Celestial around, and wanted something that would kind of look like the pattern, but not be bright white against the more intense blue.

Hoping these will be a nice quick project to help round out my year of techniques!

16 thoughts on “So Much for Focus

    1. If you go to AC Knitwear on the Boost Your Knitting page, there are some video tutorials to show you what it looks like. This month’s project is also in this technique, though it is not these mittens.


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