Aaaand – Slippers!

In amongst other activity yesterday, I finally got these finished! They still have a little drying to do, but are basically done.

Just for fun, I measured them before and after felting. I just did length because the width is kind of variable over the length of them. Before felting, they were around 15 inches long.

Clown Shoes!

And after felting they are around 10 1/2 or so long.

The pattern is Felt Clogs, written by Bev Galeskas and the yarn is Ella Rae Classic in color 335. This is a good pattern and yields pretty consistent results, so anyone wanting to try to felt some slippers – this is a good one to try! Does anyone else use this pattern? Or have a different one to recommend?

10 thoughts on “Aaaand – Slippers!

  1. Excited to see how well your came out. I am trying them with Patons North America Classic Roving, and yes, the one I knit so far is ginormous!!! Making these for a size 11 daughter and have never tried felting slippers before, so we shall see…

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  2. I use the Duffers pattern when I make felted slippers. I’ve made French Press slippers too, but they were fiddley. I might try these slippers next. I usually make my MIL a pair of felted slippers every year.

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    1. Oh, mine are too right out of the washer! I just stick my feet in them and smooth them out until they are shaped kind of like I want them. They are still a little goofy looking, but tolerable 🙂


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