Wednesday WIPs

Yaaayyy! I didn’t forget to post on a Wednesday for a change!

Anyway. I have two new WIPs going this week.

I got a start on my skirt. This time I’m just doing a Simple Straight Skirt – pattern is also from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. However, I’m doing the waistband a little different than they say to, I’m mostly knitting it in the round, and I am going to add pockets. Because who doesn’t love pockets?

The other WIP is new slippers, using the felted clog pattern I always use. The yarn is some Berkshire I had in stash that was originally bought for a different project that I have pretty much realized is never going to happen.

It looks like a big weird mess now, but pretty soon it will look like a ridiculously huge slipper, then I’ll felt it and it will be a normal slipper. Knitting – it’s magic!

How are your projects going?

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