Heart of Sharkness – Done!

I finished my Heart of Sharkness socks today! The pattern is from AC Knitwear‘s Boost Your Knitting pattern/technique club. As I mentioned earlier, the pattern is called Heartgyle Socks, and is a cute takeoff on argyle patterning. But for some reason I decided my heart should have sharks on it, and instead of crossed lines, I wanted an anchor. So that’s what I did.

The main technique I learned with this project is how to do intarsia in the round, which seems like it would be complicated, but turns out to be pretty straightforward. A secondary technique I learned was a kind of heel decrease I hadn’t done before. Specifically, there are six points around the heel where you do decreases. I had only every done decreases at the sides of the heels before, so it was a little weird, including when I tried them on. However, they feel like they are more fitted to my foot. So possibly I will do this technique again. Possibly I won’t. We’ll see how they do in field trials 🙂

I did both hearts in intarsia, but tried different techniques with the details. On the right sock, I knitted in the anchor and fins. On the left sock, I duplicate stitched the anchor and fins. I think they look at bit neater duplicate stitched. So I think in the future I would still do intarsia for the big blocks of color, but probably not for little detailed bits.

And I had a great helper (Lazlo) while I was binding off and weaving in my ends 🙂

11 thoughts on “Heart of Sharkness – Done!

    1. You still can! You can sign up any time and would get the previous patterns and lessons, and then get the new ones going forward. It has been helpful to me for a lot of things 🙂


  1. I am not sure how much help that is, but if you say so! I think for the finer details Dup St works better, and your test proves it. They are cute as can be! I assume the heel fits better because our heels are actually round, like our head. Imagine a hat with just decreases at the sides.

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    1. You make a good point! They do feel more like the shape of my actual heel. I agree on the duplicate stitch for the details. You certainly can do them as intarsia as well, but they look a little wonky. Dup stitch for the win!


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