Yarn shop review

The Tangled Skein

Nope, not a yarn-based tragedy, but rather a yarn shop near Anchorage!

In spite of this shop being in the next town over (Eagle River, for those familiar with Anchorage and its environs), I have never been to this shop until today. We have some perfectly good yarn shops in Anchorage, so it hasn’t been necessary. However, my Mom and I were in Eagle River visiting one of her favorite quilt/fabric shops today, and this place just happens to be less than a mile away. So off we went!

It is a small-ish shop, but has a decent amount of stock, and is very well laid out. They have a really nice area to sit and knit inside, as well as a patio out back that is setup for knitting and relaxing.

The racks on the left here are the local Alaskan yarns!

They have a good supply of dyed-in-Alaska yarn and fibers and Alaskan made notions, as well as a reasonable supply of regular yarn. It’s not a huge place, so they don’t have a huge stock, but they have a good range. They have plain workhorse yarns like Ella Rae, and fancy yarns like Malabrigo and Noro. They also have a small selection of knitting books and magazines and a great array of needles/hooks and buttons.

All in all, a nice yarn shop!

Checked out any new yarn shops lately? What’s your LYS like?

11 thoughts on “The Tangled Skein

  1. I didn’t realize you live in Alaska! I will have to pick your brain for ideas of places to visit. I would like to come next June for the Mayor’s Marathon in Anchorage. We just got a great new yarn shop in our little town of Lititz. I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. When my sister comes to visit, (she is a prolific knitter) I am hoping to take her.

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    1. Also – there is a LOT of running and races here. You will have lots of opportunities. If you are here early enough in June we have a 5k Women’s Breast Cancer run as well. I walk it – it’s a big thing here in town!

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  2. I was able to visit a new one in Ormond Beach, FL on this last trip. It was a well stocked small area too, but very inviting and the owner was just lovely! I will definitely go back when we are in town again.

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