Heart of Sharkness

I got some real progress in on my intarsia-in-the-round socks this past weekend, and actually finished the intarsia part of one sock. I also got to have some charting fun!

The sock pattern is from AC Knitwear’s Boost Your Knitting, and is called “Heartgyle Socks”. Knitted as given, it results in socks that look like this:

Only in color, instead of black and white like they are here. They are fine, cute even. But as I started getting ready to knit them, I was also kind of sad that there doesn’t seem to be a Shark Week sock coming out from Jimmy Beans this year. This also combined with the fact that I recently got a knitting charting program and am kind of hot to use it, and resulted in me making up my own intarsia pattern to knit into my socks. I altered the heart shape itself a little, and then added my own embellishments.

I call it “Heart of Sharkness”

This is the right sock design – left sock reverses the anchor and shark fin elements so the sharks are swimming to the front on both of my ankles. How did it knit up?

A little wobbly, but OK! I think after blocking this will look a bit smoother. Anyway, I’m happy with my alteration so far. More pics after they are both done – so shortly, I hope!

But the main point is, the project let me learn a very nifty new (to me) technique of doing intarsia-in-the-round, which is actually pretty easy. And I got to have a little extra fun doing them 🙂

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