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A Floral Interlude

There’s not much knitting progress to show you today. Clue 4 of the Perfect Blend shawl has not come in yet, so no changes there. The intarsia-in-the-round socks are in progress! I have halfway through the intarsia part of one of them, but right now it looks like a wad of double point needles with a bunch of chaos attached to them. So not in a state to show off right now.

However, our flowers have been doing really well this summer! This is mostly due to my Mom deadheading them daily, and also she dealt with an aphid infestation we had, which no doubt saved them 🙂 Also, DH has done a lot of the watering this year, so they really are team-effort flowers! In any case, they are looking much more filled in than when they were planted just a few short months ago.

We tried moss roses in the walkway, and they are lovely! We had not planted these before – we definitely will again.
We have a couple of these baskets – they all look pretty much the same. Petunias for the win!
We think this planter was ground zero for the aphids – but Mom has them under control and the flowers are perking back up
Not too many carnations in bloom right now, but lots of buds!
The fuschia is so bright, we have to wear shades! (Couldn’t resist)

So that’s how our garden grows. How about you? Any flowers or produce? How’s it going?

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