Fading Along

My Find Your Fade shawl is quickly becoming one of my longer running projects – but that’s fair because this thing is huge! I took it along with me on our trip to Seward, which gave me two hours of car time each way, plus some time in the evenings when we had settled in. I’m happy to report it’s into the fourth and final color – Deep Water!

Gin ‘n’ Tonic fading into Deep Water
And now all the colors.

So I need to finish this fade section, one more lace section, and a final garter section to finish it off! There’s still a bit to go, but the end is in sight!

How is your crafting going? Got any projects you are ready to be done with?

6 thoughts on “Fading Along

    1. I’m thinking about hanging it off the balcony and asking DH to take a picture from the driveway when it’s done. That’ll keep the neighbors wondering 😉 But yes, measurements would do as well!

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