1st Mini-Shawl, Version 2

Last week I started on a project to work through Exploring Shawl Shapes by Elizabeth Lovick. I started with #1, Tip Up Triangle shawl, which went fine, but wanted to try doing a stockinette background instead of garter.

And here they both are! The original version is on the right, the stockinette is on the left. (The stockinette version is bigger because I knit an extra pattern repeat so that it would be Dolores sized – otherwise it’s the same.)

I think the pattern shows up the same on both versions – It really does look pretty much the same except the garter one is more textured and the other is smoother – pretty much what you would expect.

So, semi-interesting experiment, but now I think I’m good one mini-shawl #1. On to #2! I have gotten a start on that one, but it’s a bit more elaborate, so it may take a couple evenings to get through. It is an interesting construction, and one that I had not done before, so I’m enjoying it 🙂

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