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Projects, Projects Everywhere!

Suddenly I have a dozen little projects! The shawl project is started. 1 down, 28.5 to go (I’m around halfway with #2). Though I’m not going to rush through that one. If it takes all year, it does. There’s no need to hurry at all. I have a new felting experiment to share, a little later this week. Though like with the shawls, that just comes up as opportunity arises.

I’m trying to figure out what I will want to do with the yarns I buy for the Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em program. You don’t need to buy mass quantities of yarn from each breed. And I have a limited need for fingerless gloves. So maybe sample swatches for each breed and then do an afghan with a square from each breed? I don’t really know, but should probably decide on something!

And then there are a few random little projects I’d like to make. For example, I’ve never done mosaic knitting, and there are two nice cowls I have patterns for that I’d like to try. Those shouldn’t take long to do, but working them into the schedule is the trick!

This month’s Boost Your Knitting is a project I’m not going to completely do. The project is a big shawl with a lace component, and the technique is a way to drop back in lace knitting and fix an error. That is a good technique to know for sure, so I plan to knit a sample section of the project and practice dropping back on the sample lace. So that will save a little time for all the new projects I suddenly have!

How about you? Feeling like knitting all the things? Or staying monogamous?

8 thoughts on “Projects, Projects Everywhere!

  1. I tend to have different kinds of projects on the go, like knitting, crochet and cross stitch, and the one that has the shortest deadline usually gets the most time. Unfortunately this means that my cross stitch, which I really enjoy, seems to get left on the sideline as I get more urgent projects finished. I also find that knitting is easier to sit down with at night when I am tired after work.

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  2. I’m actively working on two projects, and I think I’ll be pulling another project out of hibernation soon, yet I’m compelled to cast on ALL THE THINGS right now. I sewed a new project bag last night so I could stow some socks in my car. I’m hoping that kills my cast on urge.

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  3. I am knitting knitting knitting a brioche shawl I’m designing. I’m ready for it to be done! Because I’m dreaming of a few other things I want to design. Soon, I hope.

    I’m a fairly monogamous knitter. If I start playing with new things, I don’t go back to the old ones. My WIP list is very short!

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