I Felt a Curiosity 3

Another installment in my extremely occasional series about felting wool and knitting on purpose. This time, I wondered if already felted yarn could felt as fabric at all. The yarn in question is the Schoppel Gradient I had left over from making the tuck stitch cowl from last month’s Boost Your Knitting.

Schoppel Gradient is described as “slightly felted” and if you have every worked with it or looked at it, it certainly does look like it has been felted a bit. I did my usual process of knitting two swatches the same size.

I know they look a little uneven, but I did measure them and they are the same size. Possibly they were just situated oddly on the table. Anyway! The plain green one went into a load of hot wash and from then into the dryer. And then we have this…

So already felted wool, at least this kind, does felt further with heat and agitation. It does felt less than just regular wool, as I found in my first experiment on this topic. It went from 5.25″ high x 5.75″ wide down to 4.25″ high x 4.5″ wide. It is also less thick and stiff than regular wool felted the same way. I’m a little surprised, as I would have guessed it would not felt any further. But that’s why experiments are fun!

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