Mired in the Depths of Mini-Shawl 2

This one is a doozy! You start with a tip-up triangle shawl with the increases along the side. Then when you get far enough with that, you leave the top row of stitches on a holder, and pick up stitches along the two angle edges and knit a lace border out from there. Then you knit a thinner lace border along the edge of those two edges and the top edge.

I can already tell from how long it is taking me to knit this little sample that I am never going to do this for reals with a person-sized shawl. But it is definitely an interesting construction method! And as with the mini #1, it’s a fun learning exercise!

How about you? Do you have any projects that turned out way more complicated than you thought they would be? Share your grisly tales in the comments!

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