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Short Adventure Weekend

Sorry for the radio silence the last couple of days – we went for a weekend adventure in Seward! Seward is a couple hour drive from Anchorage, and is one of the weekend getaway destinations we like to head to once or twice a year or so. Also sorry that this is going to be a photo-heavy post.

We headed down Friday night right after work, as we had reservations for a whale watch cruise Saturday.

The brochure said “harbor view room” and they were not kidding!

The harbor we had a view of from our room.
Little otter that spend a lot of time paddling around the harbor area. Love otters!

We started seeing otters right away, which was a thrill for me – I love otters! The hotel was a new one for us, and it was a pretty good one – we would stay there again. Once we got there, we got dinner and spent the rest of the evening settling in. Saturday we went on our whale cruise. The big draw this time of year is that the gray whales are migrating north, so all the cruise lines try to sight them on the way by. We did not see any gray whales, which was a shame, but did see two humpbacks. We had kind of terrible weather also, so most of my pictures are from inside the boat. We saw a lot of beautiful scenery, a bunch of otters (yay!) lots of eagles, some stellar sea-lions hauled out on a rock, just a ton of seabirds, and some mountain goats on the cliff-sides we were sailing past.

So not an entirely successful whale cruise, but still a fun day out on the water! DH and I would go outside the cabin for a while and take in the sights we could until we got too cold and wet, then would go back inside to dry off and warm up.

We stayed in Seward a second night, and we’re glad we did because being out in the wind and rain and cold makes you really sleepy – who knew! So we got up this morning and headed to the Seward Sealife Center, which I love to pieces as well. We are members, so we try to get there a couple times a year.

In addition to being a regular aquarium/sea life education center, they take in a rehabilitate rescued marine wildlife. Right now they have four rescued otters and two harbor seals – that is what is in the pools in the pictures below.

And then finally as we were heading to our car to start the drive home, we saw two more otters in the bay!

Hope you had a good weekend too 🙂

15 thoughts on “Short Adventure Weekend

  1. Oh I love otters (and humpbacks), sounds wonderful except on a boat I have to be outside to avoid sea sickness. We spent days on the Isle of Mull searching for otters and just as we were leaving there were 2 playing at the harbour as the ferry pulled away. I guess yours are the fuzzy warm sea otters, the ones we get are a different breed and very shy.

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  2. This seems like such an amazing weekend getaway. I love otters too, they’re one of my favorite animals. It’s so cool that you were able to see some out in the wild. And the view from your hotel room is amazing!!

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