Version 2 Done – I Think

Version 2 is bound off and in for its soak before blocking! I’m provisionally happy with it. The only possible issue is that the top edge was rolling pretty badly despite being done in seed stitch. I’m hoping it will – say it with me – block out. But if it doesn’t, I have two possible solutions to try. 1) Rip it back and reknit with smaller size needles. 2) Rip it back and do some light cabling/twisted stitches up at the top like at the bottom.

Because I’m lazy, I’m really hoping I don’t have to fix anything, but I very much suspect that will not be the case. Anyway – more tomorrow after it has blocked and dried!

How are your projects progressing?

9 thoughts on “Version 2 Done – I Think

  1. The knitting has stalled because I got distracted with 4 squirrels. Yes, 4!!! But now I have 2 sewing projects closer to finished and prepped fabric for 2 to be sewn as I find time. They are long term projects trying to use up scraps. Oh well, who needs to sleep! Can’t wait to see the cowl reveal!

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