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Tea Time – Overboard Edition

Well apparently “overboard” is the theme for this week. I got this month’s Tea of the Month from Harney & Sons, and it seems like they were feeling crazy too.

I was kind of guessing they were going to go with Irish Breakfast or something similar to continue on with their seasonal theme. But nope, we are full-on British this month. The blue tin on the right is Early Grey and the big green tin on the left is Victorian London Fog, which is a kind of fancy variant on Earl Grey. .

I have had both these teas previously and really like them a lot. Early Grey is pretty much like all Earl Grey – black tea with a citrusy edge. Victorian London Fog adds lavender and vanilla to traditional Earl Grey. Both are flavorful, brisk teas that don’t overdo with the additions.

The overboard part is this represents 50 teabags – that is a LOT of tea. Fortunately it will be good for quite a while, but still. That’s a lot of tea. And as always, they threw in a couple little extras, like the packing people were standing there looking into the box, worrying that maybe, somehow, that still wasn’t quite enough tea. And so I also have Jasmine Pearl, Organic Green and Chamomile to try out as well 🙂

6 thoughts on “Tea Time – Overboard Edition

  1. Thanks for sharing – not a brand I’ve seen before. The good thing is it takes a very long time for tea to go off (although maybe I’m too British here and don’t think 50+ bags for a month is at all an unreasonable amount to get through 😉 )

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    1. 🙂 I drink 2 or 3 cups of caffeinated tea a day. So I agree, its not that unreasonable. I was just expecting 1 smaller tin, so it kind of took me aback. In a god way, though!


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