Shawl Shapes – Challenge Edition

The other day I saw an ad for a challenge to do 5 (mini) shawls in 5 days. Each day of this challenge you get an email with directions to knit a different miniature shawl. It sounded like a fun exercise, and I really considered it for a minute. But there’s already too much going on in my knitting life right now, so I passed on it.

Then I got thinking. I have this book…

which actually has 30 shawl shapes in it! The cover says 27, but then there are some bonus shapes in there that bring the total up to 30. So I could theoretically do this challenge myself, but take it overboard, as I so often seem to do.

This month is still way too busy, but next month is looking clear for the most part…

Got any crazy projects you are thinking about right now?

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