Version 2

Version 2 is moving right along! I am using a different yarn this time – more like what people might use to knit it really. The Uptons I used for version 1 was hard-wearing, which was helpful for the first try, where I was ripping back as much as I was knitting. But it really is a stiff, scratchy yarn. This version is in Patons Classic Wool DK Superwash in the Mallard Teal colorway. I’m trying a few things different from the first version, which are working out OK so far. I’m about halfway done, and hoping to be finished with this version and the writeup at some point this week. It feel good to be going on it!

Hope you are getting some crafting in your life this weekend?

8 thoughts on “Version 2

  1. That looks like it’s going to be lovely! Good call on the yarn, too.

    I went away for the weekend with 9 other moms; we’ve been doing Crafty Moms Weekend for 16 years! Did a lot of knitting/ripping/knitting, and now my brioche shawl design project is on its way. Woot!

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