Weel Riggit Hat

Weel Riggit hat is done! Nothing like a super quick, cute project to keep you motivated for long involved ones.

The pattern is by Kate Davies, and I used her Ard Thir yarn to knit it. The yarn is aran weight and is a blend of wool and alpaca. I love alpaca! Its very nice yarn, soft and really warm.

I knit mine one pattern repeat shorter than the pattern calls for. The hat is supposed to be worn slouchy, but I am not a slouchy hat fan. It is still actually a little long, but it has a really deep ribbing, so I just folded that up a little higher and it’s perfect!

How you’re supposed to wear it, with the ribbing folded all artistically so you can see all three colors 🙂

Now back to writing out the cowl pattern (I got a little bit of a start on it tonight) and knitting my Find Your Fade, which has 1 1/2 color sections to go!

For anyone who wanted to see the Bramen Cowl modeled, here you go. It’s the least goofy picture I could get.

10 thoughts on “Weel Riggit Hat

  1. LOL! I like your least goofy shot. The hat is perfect for the cold, but I do wish we didn’t need warm woolies so much right now. Of course by the time we are in the 90’s, likely March 31st, I will be wishing for the cooler temps!

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