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Knitting Magazine Kerfuffle

Big news in the knitting world a bit earlier this week involved the uncertain future of some long-established crafting magazines. Specifically, F + W Media is filing for bankruptcy. F + W is the parent company of Interweave Press, publishers of Interweave Knits, Interweave Crochet, Knitscene, and Spin Off, among other books and magazines. For more details on the whole thing, see this Forbes article, and this article on the Craft Industry Alliance website.

The company cited a lot of reasons for their need to file bankruptcy, but one was the decline in readership, and that many readers prefer to get their content online rather than in print. And that got me thinking. I certainly do like to access a lot of content online, but I also really like magazines.

I definitely get a lot of content and do a lot of shopping for patterns and yarn and so on online. I check in at Mason Dixon knitting every day along with a lot of blogs and other sites. On the other hand, I do have a long-running subscription to Vogue Knitting, and just got one for PomPom. When I am in Barnes & Noble, I do like to poke around the knitting magazine rack to see if there are any good patterns in whatever is around. Sometimes I will buy something there, sometimes not.

So here’s an informal poll on this topic Are you a magazine reader? If no, where do you generally get your knitting content? Paper or online? Do you subscribe or just buy a magazine here and there? Inquiring minds want to know! Feel free to answer in the comments or take this topic to your own blog. If you do that though, please add a link to your post below so we can check it out!

15 thoughts on “Knitting Magazine Kerfuffle

  1. The only knitting magazines I have looked at are when they are available on Amazon Prime online for free. I don’t buy any actual magazines any more and haven’t for a many years. (I used to get Oprah’s magazine and Gardeners’ World). They just become clutter and I am not very good at reading the whole thing but equally used to keep them to read eventually. They’ve all been recycled now in last year’s big decluttering.

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  2. It’s a shame to her another magazine company may be going under. I am afraid I am more of a sporadic knitting magazine buyer – not a regular subscriber, mainly because for a while all the articles and patterns just seemed too similar in the mags I used to see. I do love it when I buy a premium (price and style) magazine now – saving myself to buy occasionally and to savour contents. I dislike the way a lot of magazines are going on line – call me old fashioned but you can’t beat a paper copy and I prefer to thumb through rather than squint and scroll !

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  3. I enjoy a knitting magazine though I don’t buy them regularly anymore. In my opinion people are using Ravelry and blogs to scout out individual patterns more. I have a large collection of magazines but rarely look through them when I want some ideas. One thing I love about magazines is the yarn reviews. Seeing what’s new or comparing similar yarns across multiple brands isn’t duplicated anywhere else.

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  4. Depends on the magazine. Knitting/crocheting magazines I buy here and there. But, only if they have more than one pattern I am interested in. Most of my patterns I obtain online. I have subscribed to one crochet magazine before computers were an everyday household item. (I just gave my age away LOL) There was one knitting magazine I subscribed to a couple of years ago but seldom found a pattern that caught my eye.

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  5. I prefer online. I have a bookcase shelf full of magazines. That’s after 2 destash attempts. What’s there is likely going to stay there, but I can’t say that I have knit all that much out of the editions. Likewise with books. Now I just go online when I see a pattern on a blog and buy it to download. Much easier to store and find!!

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  6. I love knitting magazines. I only subscribe to Interweave Knits, but I’ll pick up magazines that call to me. I have knit out of a magazine in the past, but I usually look for patterns on Ravelry. I like to get inspiration and ideas from magazines. I am still heartbroken from the loss of Cooking Light, so if Interweave ceases to exist I’m not sure what I’ll do.

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  7. I subscribe to Interweave Knits and Knitscene, and really enjoy getting magazines in the mail. I read the in bed before I go to sleep. I do buy most of my patterns online and do a lot of reading on Instagram. But I can’t see buying digital magazines and having to print out the patterns, when I could already have a physical copy in a print magazine. It’s also not as relaxing for me to read for pleasure online.

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