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Stalling Tactic

Thanks to going to get our taxes done this evening, I’m about 2/3 done with the Weel Riggit hat. DH is the organized one in our house, so I’m usually not involved with the tax prep process except to answer a few questions and sign my name a dozen times. Knitting really helps pass the time! The hat in question will likely be finished tomorrow, so pics later!

What I’m really doing in making this hat is stalling. My next step with the cowl I designed last week is to write out the pattern, and then do one more test knit before I put it out there. I’ve never written out a pattern that I intended for anyone other than myself. I have taken a class on pattern writing, and I’ve read probably hundreds of the things by now so I get the theory, but never wrote one myself. So it’s a little daunting.

I stall like this every time this sort of situation comes up. I stall, then I gather information, then build up gumption, then I get it done. Right now I’m in the gumption-building phase. Once I have that built up, then it will be go time. But for right now, I’m going to work on that hat, and reread other people’s patterns for the dozenth time.

Got anything you are working yourself up to do?

10 thoughts on “Stalling Tactic

  1. I do the taxes here and it’s very similar except I start with dreading it, whining about it, gathering data, and then if I can’t find another stall tactic, doing it. Each step could take a day to a week or even a month. Good luck with your pattern.

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  2. I had to work up to finishing an afghan square. A measly Afghan Square!!!But I got it done. Now I am rewarding myself with a cowl cast on, before I go back to face square 18/20. Must. Get. This. Afghan. Done. Before. August!!!

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