Ixchel – Body Done, Sleeve 1 in Process!


Well,  I pretty much gave away the point of this post in the title 🙂  My Ixchel body is done, and I am knitting away on the first sleeve.  There are a lot of rows to go on the sleeve, but it is flying along because there are so many fewer stitches than for the body!  So I feel like these last two bits will go along pretty quickly.

One difficulty I have noticed – the hem has a tendency to roll.  The bottom does have ribbing, but it is k3p1, which doesn’t seem to be enough to keep it stable.  Well, I have some time to think about how to handle that.

Hope your projects – crafty or otherwise – are going along great!

6 thoughts on “Ixchel – Body Done, Sleeve 1 in Process!

    1. It probably would. And the pattern did call for deeper ribbing, but I got impatient. I can pretty easily go back after I do the sleeves, unpick the bind off, and do another inch or so. I don’t want to, but I can 😉


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