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Projects Lined Up as Far as the Eye Can See

At this point, I’m a little sick of talking about Ixchel, and I bet you are sick of reading about it too. I still love it – I’m still working on it and can’t wait to wear it. It’s moving along and going fine.ย  That’s all I have to say about it for today and possibly the next couple of days ๐Ÿ™‚

So instead, let’s look at the ever-growing list of projects that are coming next!ย  As soon as I’m done with Ixchel, my Find Your Fade shawl is next.ย  I found some lovely yarn for it, which is all wound up and ready to go!


I also have a pair of gift socks to knit, which may or may not already be started, and also may or may not be socks I have already made for myself.ย  All will be revealed later on that.

While I’m doing that, I have the patterns and kits to make two new outfits for Dolores – her Sensuous Ewe Caftan and Turban, and her Sugarplum de Soir dress (which came with a tiara!) There is another outfit out there for her – the Transatlantic Travel outfit, but I didn’t love it.ย  And it’s not like she doesn’t already have several outfits with these two more in the wings ๐Ÿ™‚

And after that, it all gets vague.ย  There are cardigans, a skirt, a couple tanks and tees.ย  Some socks.ย  Plenty to keep me busy at least next year and possibly for several years beyond that.ย  But one step at a time!

What’s next on your crafting list?

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