I Finished a Thing!

I finally finished the tuck stitch cowl that I started in September in the Tuck Stitch class with Nancy Marchant.  It turned out OK!


The stitch patterns in the top and bottom sections were Step Gable Tuck stitch and then the B version (color dominance variant of the same thing) in the middle. It’s not perfect – there are one or two areas where I was experimenting with what would happen if I slipped the stitch knitwise instead of purlwise and vice versa.  And then I didn’t go back and redo those areas. So the stitches interact and cross differently here and there.  But I don’t think it’s anything the proverbial horseman would notice, so I left it.

The yarns are A Tree Hugger’s Wife DK in charcoal, and Freia sport in the Vamp gradient.  I used about half of each ball doing this, and am casting on a second cowl in a different tuck stitch pattern with the rest! I want to make sure I get some good practice in so that I will remember what I learned a bit better.

One of the great things about these two stitch patterns is that they look just as good on one side as they do on the other:

DSC09059DSC09056 (2)

It just feels like so long since I finished anything that it is a big thrill, even though it’s just a cowl 🙂  What’s on your needles right now?

8 thoughts on “I Finished a Thing!

  1. Each finish is worthy of a celebration!! No matter the size, it’s the finishing that counts. Love the cowl, can’t wait to see what the next one looks like. Nancy did a sweater in teals that I just adored, never got up the nerve to make it myself.

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