Weekend WIPs

Well, it’s been an interesting week, knitwise!  I signed up to be a test knitter, and have been taking a class on felting – both new experiences for me.  And you will be reading more about those later.  But while all that was going on, I did get some progress in on my ongoing projects.  Specifically,


Twinkle is proceeding on pretty nicely.  You may recall this item from an earlier post, when I was just getting started.  It comes off the needles pretty bunched up, because there are some pretty severe stacked increases and decreases going on there.  So I just did a quick semi-block of what I have done so far, partially to be able to show it off here and partially to make sure I am not making a horrible mistake with my knitting time.  But nope – its coming along pretty well, and looking exactly as I hoped!

The other current project is a pair of plain-Jane socks…


Also coming along well and fitting nicely.  I have been jokingly calling them my Valentine socks, when my Mom pointed out that they will work for President’s Day as well, because of George Washington’s cherry tree story!  I don’t have a pattern for these.  Just figured out the stitch count with the gauge for this yarn, did a short row toe, did a little ribbing along the sides so they fit my feet more closely, short row heel, and now coming up the legs.  I am waiting until I’m down to about a third of the yarn weight is left before I do the top ribbing, which I’m planning on doing as a k2p2.  Like I said, plain socks.  But with yarn this fancy and colorful, I didn’t want to fight it with a fancy pattern.  Just letting the colors do the work!

3 thoughts on “Weekend WIPs

    1. I am part of the designer’s group on Ravelry. She started a thread asking for volunteers, and I signed up! This is the first time I am doing this, so I don’t know if that’s the usual way or not. 🙂 You will find one when you start poking around!

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