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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a total sucker for new and different fibers to knit with.  Wool and cotton and acrylics are all great for most knitting needs, but it’s always a little thrilling to try out buffalo or musk ox or yak.  (It’s a knitterly thrill, but a thrill nonetheless.)

So I was very excited when Liz of Gnarledpaw, a dyer I know and love, recently announced an Explorer’s Club!  You can sign up for either 3 or 6 half-skeins of mystery exotic fibers, and you get to choose warm or cool colors, and solids or variegated.

I signed up of course, mostly because I decided not to buy any more yarn this year, and am looking forward to my first package in mid-February!  She had dropped some hints as to the type of fiber we may be getting, but I suspect there’s no telling where we will wind up, now that we’ve stepped outside our doors 🙂

More on the mystery fibers as they arrive!

3 thoughts on “Fibercurious?

  1. OMG This looks awesome. I want to sign up so bad, but really shouldn’t spend the money right now. The credit cards are crying at this point from needing paid off and we are trying to save up for vacation in October. 😦

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  2. I knit a lot with wool and blends with a high wool content. I am interested in other yarns too, though often stick to what I know. I did have some possum mix yarn once – can still remember the odour of that one (!) and it went back to the supplier!

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