Spread a Little Thin

So many knitting projects, so little time!  In spite of all my plans and firm resolves, I currently have three medium to big projects on the needles, as well as more or less keeping up with the Geek-A-Long afghan squares.  On to show and tell!


The Princess Line sweater is proceeding.  Slowly, a little bit at a time, but proceeding.  When I got started with the pattern part, I started using jumprings as markers to match the knitting to the gridlines on the pattern.  So far it’s working out pretty well.  The knitting is going slower than I thought that it would – this isn’t really a repeating pattern, so it requires closer attention than a simpler items.  However, it’s as pretty as I thought it would be!  That blue is really lovely, and it’s working up pretty nicely.  I’m around a third of the way up the body, and have a couple of inches done on a sleeve (travel project).  So that’s going.

My second project, a tank top called Maderia,is also coming along nicely.

It is plain stockinette, knit out of a summerweight tape/ribbon yarn.  The points of interest are the different yarn, an asymmetric hem achieved via short rows, and asymmetric shoulder straps that I’m not sure I’m going to go with.  We shall see on that part when I get there.  I started on this because a) the yarn was on deep discount on, b)I need some layering pieces like tanks and shells, and c) I needed a straight knitting project that I didn’t need to pay attention to at all.  In this it kind of succeeds, but the loose nature of the ribbon means its pretty snaggy.  So not as attention free as I might like, but mostly so.

And finally, against all logic and sense, I am doing the Iknitarod again.  For this year’s project, I am doing 11 Angry Sunrises, a shadow knitting project.


The project is from a Franklin Habit blog post about shadow knitting.  I have had it in mind to do this project for a while, but every time I thought about doing with different yarn or in different colors, I kept coming back to his version, which I really like quite a lot.  But the yarn is expensive, and there are always so many other things to knit, so it kept going to the back of the list.  However, last week I was on a work trip to Soldotna AK and checked out a new-to-me store, Top of the Whorled.  And there was the very yarn.  In the very colors I wanted.  Just as I was thinking about whether or not to do the Iknitarod this year, and if so what I should do for it.  There it was, everything I needed to do this scarf I’ve been thinking about for years now.  Needless to say, I bit. So I’m a little over halfway there, the first teams are about halfway to Nome, so it seems like it might just work out!

Next post – keeping up with the Geek-A-Long!


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