New in the News

Wow – long time since my last post!

In news related to my last post – the Anchorage Guerrilla Knitters put their work back up!  I have a piece knit, but was not able to get it to them as I was out of town.  I have plans to take it to the site and put it up myself later.

My Princess Line sweater is progressing slowly.  I finally took along the sleeve of earlier post fame and got a couple of inches done on it.  Also progressed a little bit on the body.  It’s going slower than I would have thought.  It’s not an intuitive pattern, and the graph is pretty tiny.  I’d enlarge it, but it already takes up two letter size sheets of paper, and I had to tape it down to a big piece of cardboard to keep it kind of stable.

The big resolution not to knit anything else until my sweater was done melted away like a Popsicle in the sun.  I have finished a couple of the blocks from the Geek-A-Long afghan – it’s too much fun not to keep up with!

So that’s my knitting news.  What have you been up to?

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