Progress Report

I finally finished something!


The pattern is Cambern by Kathy Zimmerman.  I’ve had this queued for a while, and finally got a window in my knit schedule to work on it.  The yarn is Cascade Alpaca Lana d’Oro (thank you, closeout section at Webs!)  It is a pretty easy knit – though it looks like it has a lot of complexity, the lace pattern has a two row repeat.  I know!  I looks much worse, but it is actually a straightforward knit.  The sleeves are a different two row repeat, but equally easy. It is knit in pieces and seamed together. I did make one modification to the pattern as given.  I am kind of big in the upper frontal region, but lace patterns are kind of difficult to tailor.  So what I did was, I made the front a little bit longer.  I had to jigger the seaming a little bit to make it work, but when I put it on it works.

Although there are some benefits to working on a bunch of things at the same time, it also makes it take a long time to get stuff done.  That was the case here.  I was working on three things at once, and this took much longer than it normally would to get done.  But it’s done now, so on to the next!


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